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A member of the Cubs ground crew went on a tarp riding adventure

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The Cubs and Diamondbacks went through multiple rain delays on Thursday, which — spoiler alert — turned out to be a lot of fun for each team’s bullpen.

But for one member of Chicago’s grounds crew, the rain delay was enjoyable for a completely different reason. Well, enjoyable if they like taking a ride on a magic tarp-et.

In the process of unfurling the tarp, one worker got left behind and trapped in the middle. Unlike other instances of tarp rolling or unrolling gone wrong, this crew member didn’t get rolled up in it or stuck underneath things, and it actually looks like it was a pretty fun time.

This isn’t the first time the Cubs have had some problems with tarp management, but at least in this instance the tarp got put on the infield in the right direction.

This mistake looks like it was so much fun for this employee and no one got hurt, so all in all things turned out okay. Next time it rains the Cubs should charge people to go tarp surfing.

Who says no?