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An MLB player born in 1997 hit a homer, and we're all old now

Braves rookie Ozzie Albies went deep and reminded us of our own mortality.

Remember like, a week ago, when Rafael Devers was impressive because he was hitting dingers at age 20? Well, he turns 21 in October, so actually, he’s not young anymore comparatively. That’s because the Braves called up Ozzie Albies, who is not only 20 years old, but was also born in 1997, making him the first such player in MLB. Albies also hit his first MLB homer on Thursday, and [counts on fingers] that dinger is the first ever by a player born in ‘97.

tl;dr: You’re old now.

It happened so fast. One day — specifically, yesterday — you were not old yet. But then, a 20-year-old prospect born in 1997 came to the majors and hit a home run even though hitting home runs isn’t even a thing they’re supposed to do with their big-league career. And he did it on the same night that the aforementioned Devers — who is still 20 even if he was born so long ago in 1996 — blasted career dinger number three in his eighth MLB game.

Please excuse me. I’m going to go listen to Time, a song written by a band for old people like all of us. Or maybe something that came out after I was born so I don’t feel quite as aged, like the album Persistence of Time, which is... seven years older than Ozzie Albies? Oh come on.