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The feud between Orbit and Chris Archer ends with Archer getting scared out of his britches

... For now. Until next season!


The RaysChris Archer and Astros mascot Orbit have been going back and forth with pranks this week during the series in Texas. The player-mascot feud involved everything from Declarations of Unfriendliness to water balloons to humorous T-shirts.

With each game, a new and fun prank was volleyed from one side to the other. After the final matchup of the two teams this season, everything seemed to be wrapped up until next year.

But then Orbit decided to take things to the next level with a post-game trick that firmly seals him as the winner for this round of things.

This is way beyond the previous pranks as far as effectiveness goes, and Archer looks genuinely scared when the blow-up “comes to life.”

The “Until Next Year ...” sign probably should have clued Chris into what was going on, but walking to the team bus is usually a pretty innocent and normal activity so it’s not his fault he didn’t see this one coming.

One question that remains is, exactly how hot was Orbit waiting in that pop-up to make this surprise so effective? Seems like it would get kind of stuffy.

It’s a slim chance that these teams will meet in the playoffs at this point, so until next year indeed. All the more time for each side to think of more pranks.