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Brewers' Travis Shaw gets clocked in the neck with a ball and leaves game

Shaw’s been a breakout star for Milwaukee this year.

The BrewersTravis Shaw stole second base against the Rays on Saturday, but he paid a rough price for it. As Shaw launched into his slide, Tampa Bay catcher Jesus Sucre’s throw down hit him squarely on the left side of his neck, right below his ear.

It’s one of the most painful-looking baseball plays I’ve seen in a while. Sucre put a lot of mustard on his throw from the plate, and the impact was as direct as it could’ve been. On the one hand, the ball didn’t hit his head. But on the other, it didn’t hit his helmet, either, instead crashing smack-dab into the side of his neck.

Shaw left the game, with Hernán Pérez replacing him at third base for Milwaukee.

Last December, the Brewers nabbed Shaw from the Red Sox in what was considered a minor trade, and he’s been one of baseball’s breakout players since making the move.

The 27-year-old has been the Brewers’ best hitter by wRC+, with 24 homers and a .361 on-base percentage entering Saturday’s game. His emergence has been a fun one to watch, and it’s been a big reason that the Brewers have stayed in contention in the NL Central. Here’s to hoping he feels well quickly. That looked excruciating.