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Noah Syndergaard had a ‘Game of Thrones’ cameo

Thor has the hair for Westeros, but they hid it under a helmet.

Hello, fans of Noah Syndergaard and/or HBO’s Game of Thrones! This post has spoilers in it, so if you haven’t watched the most recent episode of GoT, you probably want to stop reading.

Everyone who is still here because they saw the episode ... hello. Mets’ starter Noah Syndergaard had a cameo appearance in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, and somehow not one that incorporates his impressive hair.

There he is, hair hidden by a Lannister soldier’s helm, but also about to take down a Dothraki rider with a spear. We know he’s got the arm strength for it. Check out that form:

Sadly for Syndergaard, the Lannister forces were wiped out by the Dothraki as well as a dragon who casually flew into battle breathing fire all over the place. You can’t just throw a regular old spear at a dragon, and as Lannister forces learned, arrows aren’t going to cut it, either.

The man has a point. And really, it’s one the Mets can use for their weekend: The Dodgers are the closest thing MLB has to a fire-breathing dragon right now, and they annihilated the Mets with just as much ease all weekend long by outscoring them 21-4 in three games.