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Ike Davis, former Mets not-a-pitcher, struck out the side in his Arizona League debut

Davis is now fully focused on pitching as part of the Dodgers’ minor league ranks.

Oakland Athletics v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ike Davis, best known as a first baseman for the Mets in the early 2010s, is back in the news as a member of the Dodgers’ farm system. While his career in the majors sputtered after 2014 and finally reached a denouement after bouncing around with multiple organizations from that point until 2016, Davis is now looking to make a comeback at 30 years old.

And that comeback doesn’t involve him being a position player at all.

Davis, once a member of Baseball America’s All-Rookie Team and a record-setter for the Mets, is now attempting to make it back to the majors as a pitcher.

Before this season, Davis signed a minor league contract with the Dodgers and made his pitching debut with the AZL Dodgers on Monday.

In his debut, Davis struck out the side in a game against the AZL Padres. It’s only one inning in one start, so there’s only so much that can be taken away from such a small sample size, but it’s enough early evidence that Davis’ plans might not be a complete fool’s errand.

Davis was a pitcher in college as well, serving as a reliever at Arizona State, and in 2015 he pitched twice for the A’s — one inning each time out, allowing no runs in either appearance.

Whether this attempt at a second major league career will pan out for Davis is a complete guess right now, but one thing is for sure: this is taking the concept of “position player pitching” to the next level.