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Mike Trout gets his 1,000th career hit on his 26th birthday

He reached the threshold in his 879th career game.

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

While reaching the 1,000 hits threshold isn’t all that impressive for a baseball player (more than 1,200 players have done it in the history of the game), it’s still a great feat for a human being.

Plus, as the first major hits achievement, it’s a decent way to check in on someone’s career trajectory based on when they got there.

Mike Trout not only hit number 1,000 on his birthday, but did it in only 879 career games. It would have been a given that he hit this mark before turning 26 if it weren’t for his extended time on the disabled list this year.

However, that doesn’t take away from the accomplishment or the fact that Trout continues to be one of the best players of all time at such a young age. He’s hitting .309/.410/.568 in his career with 190 home runs and 548 RBIs.

He’s also the only 26-year-old ever to have at least 190 homers and 50 steals at that point in their life, and among players with 600 or more home runs, only Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols had more when they turned 26.

There are also dozens of other ways you can twist or turn statistics in order to show Trout’s prowess at this stage of his career, and 1,000 hits marks just one major point where he can be compared to other greats.


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