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The Indians took some of the air out of the Patriots’ new plane excitement with a ‘Major League’ tweet

Cleveland expertly trolled New England with a throwback reference.

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Much has been made of the Patriots’ new, fancy private planes. Robert Kraft is clearly unable to do anything halfway, so the team purchased two planes to retro-fit them so an entire team of football players can fly first class to games rather than chartering flights for eight away games each year.

In much of the coverage of the Pats’ planes, it was noted that they are the first NFL team to buy their own plane for team use (which may be an incorrect statement).

However, even if they were the first NFL team to buy a private plane — much less two private planes — the Cleveland Indians would like to remind everybody that New England is definitely not the first team from any sport, real or fake, to have a private plane.

Who could forget the Indian Express from Major League? The rickety old Douglas DC-3 propeller plane that ferried Wild Thing and the rest to and from games is one of a kind.

It might not measure up to the fully kitted out pair of jets the Patriots will use this season, but it’s far more memorable than any polished, corporate planes.

The Patriots have the last laugh for now, though, because well ... here.