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The Cardinals hit a comeback grand slam right after a rally kitten appeared on the field

The cat also bit a stadium worker, so it was a real feline adventure for a hot second there.

Setting the scene, as it were: The St. Louis Cardinals are down 5-4 in the sixth inning at home. Suddenly, a rally cat appears on the field. Except it’s even better than a rally cat because it’s a tiny, adorable, RALLY KITTEN.

The kitten is promptly picked up by a stadium employee, who it then bites. (Don’t worry, he survived.)

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur …

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It’s just trying to get important Rally Kitten business done, man! Why are you crushing it’s dreams?

But after only a few moments on the field, the Rally Kitten magic was enough to make an impact on the Cardinals, as immediately after it went back to whence it came the Cards jacked a grand slam to go ahead in the game 8-5.


Yadier Molina hit his 14th homer of the season to put St. Louis ahead, and now the Cardinals grounds crew is going to have to save that cat for future rallies as needed.

How could you not keep a kitten that cute around anyway?