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The Padres introduced the Dodgers with the Imperial March for Star Wars Night

Who could have seen this one coming...

For much of the Star Wars-loving world, Star Wars day was all the way back on May 4. But for the Padres and Dodgers on Friday night, there was a themed night to celebrate the film series for both teams and the fans in attendance.

Petco Park’s Star Wars Night was probably similar to any other theme night in baseball: fans of both the theme and baseball are welcomed, there are various tchotchkes, and the production team at the park figures out how to rib the other team a little bit by using whatever movie or TV show is chosen.

Whether that’s Photoshopping opposing players as Whitewalkers or whatnot, it’s always a ton of fun to see even if it’s not that creative in the year 2017.

In that spirit, the Padres introduced the Dodgers starting lineup to the Imperial March on Friday night with the trusty Star Wars font for their names and numbers.

At this point in the night the game is still tied at nil so there’s no way to tell whether that “intimidation” factor actually had any effect. The Padres getting fully into the spirit of the theme is a good showing whether they win or not though.