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Phillies fan might regret offering to buy everyone chicken nuggets if Rhys Hoskins homered again

Guess what Rhys Hoskins did next?

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Rhys Hoskins has been on fire lately. Hitting home runs left and right. On Thursday, he hit his 18th home run since being called up by the Phillies, which was only 34 games and 145 plate appearances ago.

He’s out of this world. The all-time record for fewest games needed for 20 career home runs is 51 games. So he has a little leeway to break that record in his next 16 games.

Why then, would anyone think it was smart to place a bet with the Phillies that hinges on Hoskins NOT hitting a home run? Even jokingly, that’s an enormously foolhardy thing to do. News flash: They didn’t win the bet.

I mean...what you’re doing, gent? Chicken nuggets are cheap, sure, but “everyone” is a very vague and open-ended amount of people. You could be buying some delicious nuggets for half of Philadelphia! Plus you’re going to have to pick up all different kinds of sauces and someone’s not going to get the sauce they wanted and it’s going to be a WHOLE mess that you have to handle because you made this bet in a public forum where the team can hold you to your promise.

Silly, silly, silly.

The lessons here are that Hoskins is good, he remains good, and to stop betting on him being bad. Because you’re either going to lose, or he’s actually going to be bad eventually and then you’re not going to be able to enjoy the victory since everyone around you is sad about Hoskins not being fun anymore.

Either way it’s a bad ending, so just stop doing it. Hoskins and his home runs are here to stay...hopefully.