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The Yankees' thumbs-down celebration has a hilarious backstory

The Yankees have regained some firepower lately, and they’re celebrating their big hitting with a gesture that doesn’t appear to make any sense: a big ol’ thumbs down. It looks pretty cool to me, and it’s explained in this video right here:

Here's how the Yankees' new celebration was born

The Yankees' new celebration is incredible, and it has a great backstory

Posted by SB Nation on Friday, 15 September 2017

Basically, when the Yankees played the Rays on Sept. 11 (at Citi Field, because Tampa home games were displaced by Hurricane Irma), Todd Frazier hit a huge three-run homer to put New York ahead for good. A suspenders-wearing fan in the crowd responded like this:

Images like the above spread around Twitter, Frazier and the Yankees caught wind of it, and it just tickled everyone so much that now it’s a celebration.

I love it. It looks awesome. This is my opinion!