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It didn’t take long for Phillies fans to start naming babies after Rhys Hoskins

He’s already making his permanent mark in Philadelphia.


Well, that didn’t take long at all.

Less than two months after he first got called up to the major leagues, Phillies fans are already naming babies after Rhys Hoskins.

He’s hitting dingers and getting theme weekends and more or less giving Phillies fans something to look forward to every game since the playoffs are out of the question and the team isn’t all that good.

Seeing as he’s becoming fast popular with all fans, it’s no surprise that some would decide to lean into his incredible start with the Phillies. It may seem too early still to start naming infants after him, but one fan went all in and did just that.

While this could backfire, since it has only been a few months of Hoskins even on the team, nonetheless playing well, the middle-name-only decision was a smart one. Baby steps are important here, after all (no pun intended).

If this baby grows up and Rhys Hoskins continued to be great and ends up a Hall of Famer, then he can drop the first name and go by just Rhys and give his parents credit for great foresight.

If not, and Hoskins is a bust after the next season or so (which nobody wants), he can only use his middle initial or say Rhys was his great-grandfather’s name and it’s in honor of him and no way is it because of Rhys Hoskins, in fact, he is isn’t even a Phillies fan since they still haven’t won a World Series since 2008 so stop asking about it.

Yeah, there’s really no way this goes wrong actually, which you usually don’t see with babies named after athletes, so thank goodness for a happy outcome for once.