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Dustin Pedroia fouled a ball off of his own face and had to exit the game

This one looked like it hurt.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr./Getty Images

During the fourth inning on Monday night, Dustin Pedroia came up to bat at Camden Yards hoping to help his team dig out of a 5-nil hole.

He then fouled a pitch off of his own face.

It was ugly, with his face bleeding and his hand going up to his nose to vainly try and stanch the bleeding as he went toward the dugout. He paused before getting there, covering and uncovering his nose as he hunched over at the waist to gather himself, and trainers surrounded him.

The impact to his nose was thankfully lessened slightly by the ball hitting home plate first and bouncing back up to hit him, but it still wasn’t a pretty situation.

(Unless you like watching baseball players get hit in the nose for some reason or you really hate the Red Sox. If that’s the case, then you might enjoy Pedroia’s bad luck.)

Pedroia has had a rough year with knee problems plaguing him after a collision at second (against the Orioles, coincidentally) and extended time on the disabled list to try and manage the injury.

There have been no further updates from the team about whether anything was broken, and Pedroia was replaced by Brock Holt for the remainder of the game.

Update: Pedroia escaped with just a nasal contusion, so he’s day-to-day for the time being. It could have been much worse!