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The Phillies fan who said he’d buy everyone chicken nuggets followed through on his promise

A Rhys Hoskins home run means nuggets for everyone!


Remember the Phillies fan who publicly promised everybody chicken nuggets if Rhys Hoskins homered that night?

It was only last week, but I know people’s attention spans vary, so as a refresher: a Twitter user named Damon Miller Jr. tweeted at the Phillies that he would buy everyone chicken nuggets if Rhys Hoskins hit a home run that night.

By now you’ve guessed what Hoskins did next: he homered!

Which meant Miller now owed a whole bunch of people nuggets. On Tuesday night, the Phillies tweeted that he was indeed following through on his promise and getting everyone chicken nuggets at the park before the game.

In case you were worried that Miller himself wouldn’t be making an appearance for the nuggets giveaway, don’t be concerned. He was there, along with a blown up poster of his tweet to remind everyone of why they were getting nuggets in the first place.

Plenty of Twitter pledges backfire, especially when large amounts of food are somehow involved. While it’s reasonable to assume that Miller didn’t actually buy all of these nuggets himself and the Phillies gave him a hand with that part of it, the fact that he committed to the bit and showed up to enjoy nuggets with everyone is so great.

If Rhys Hoskins hits a home run against the Dodgers tonight to bring everything full circle, that would be even better.