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Chase Headley got hit right in the beans by a pitch and it looked painful

That’s gotta hurt.

YES Network

Poor, poor Chase Headley.

While at the plate in the bottom of the fifth inning looking to help the Yankees pull ahead of the Twins, he was hit by a pitch.

As you can see below, this wasn’t just any hit-by-pitch situation though, where a trainer either needs to be called so they can check an elbow or the player shakes it off.

This was a hit-by-pitch that is at once incredibly tragic and incredibly funny. Especially when watched in slow motion.

That ... that has to hurt.

The full clip, which unfolds with accompanying commentary by Yankees announcers Paul O’Neill and Michael Kay, involves their analysis skirting around the actual impact at first and is followed by some secondhand pain.

As they point out, since he’s the designated hitter, there was a chance that he wasn’t wearing a cup. Since he took his base and stayed in the game, it seems like he had things covered (pun absolutely intended), but even contemplating that possible alternate future for a second is tough to think about.

He leaned over in pain for a few seconds after the impact, but he looked mostly okay after that. Hopefully there’s no ... ummm ... lasting damage for poor Headley.