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Hanley Ramirez is using Tom Brady’s TB12 Method workout now

The TB12 Method has a high-profile devotee.

Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady’s not the only athlete in Boston committing to his signature workout plan these days, as the TB12 Method has apparently been crossing team lines and traveling to other locker rooms as well.

Hanley Ramirez, who has been injured throughout the season and needed to sit out stretches of games due to various ailments pertaining to his knee, oblique, or shoulder, revealed to WEEI that he has started following Brady’s lead to try to get himself back where he needs to be as the Red Sox head toward the postseason.

He hasn’t been in the Sox’s batting order since last week and in the interim he has apparently been working with bands a lot — TB 12 branded bands, in fact. He agrees with the workout method so much he actually bought the merch!

Ramirez says of the method,

"What I've been doing this past week, a lot of bands. You get stronger and faster. You have to send the message to your brain that you work fast. Quick hands."

"It does [work]. Five championships? Yeah, it does."

It’s nice that as an answer to any Brady-related questions of effectiveness people can just say “Of course it works because the dude has a bunch of Super Bowl rings.”

While the TB12 Method (probably) isn’t the only reason Brady has won so many championships, it’s hard to argue with his durability and fitness over the years. Even if there’s a touch of a placebo effect with followers of the workout plan, at this point Hanley should be trying anything that could work to get himself back where he needs to be for Boston.

This season hasn’t been what many fans hoped for from Ramirez as far as offensive output, and with the potential last year of his contract coming up (he has a possible option for 2019 based on plate appearances) he most likely also wants to change the impression people have of him before it’s too late to shake the constantly-injured assumption.

Even if the TB12 Method doesn’t fix what ails him completely, it could set him up for a healthier all-around offseason. He says he plans on focusing on his small muscles and he’s “not going to try and get too big” but just get stronger during his time off.

If it doesn’t help him at all and he still has intermittent troubles in 2018, than that would be a shame. But at least Tom Brady is getting some great free marketing thanks to his fellow Boston athletes.