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Aaron Hicks robs Wilson Ramos of a sure grand slam in his first game back from the DL

Hicks wasted no time showing off in his return from injury.

In his first game back after being activated from the disabled list, Aaron Hicks proved his worth in the outfield for the Yankees right away.

With the bases loaded in the top of the first inning, Wilson Ramos cranked a ball and it very nearly left the park. Not with Hicks on the job, though — the sure grand slam turned into an out and the end of the inning.

Hicks was out of the lineup with an oblique injury, and him being able to make this catch in his first inning back is proof of why players always need to make sure they are back to full health before taking the field again.

The Yankees are still in the race for the AL East division title, but time is running out to catch up to Boston. Letting up a grand slam that would have put them in a 4-0 hole early in the game is definitely not part of that plan, so Hicks really preserved hope for the division title by keeping things close in this game.