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Andrew McCutchen helped the Pirates crush the Orioles with an 8-RBI game

He (finally) hit his first career grand slam.

Baltimore Orioles v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The Pirates aren’t going to the playoffs, so Andrew McCutchen decided to use up the rest of the offense he had left in the bank for the postseason before the year ends. There’s no rollover minutes in baseball and ... you know what, this metaphor doesn’t work at all.

He drove in a lot of runs and hit baseballs very far, OK?

The Pirates crushed the Orioles 10-1, with Cutch responsible for eight of those runs. Seven of those runs driven in came with two outs left in the inning. He hit a grand slam, a double, and a three-run home run.

With the grand slam, McCutchen became the sixth player in MLB history to have more than 200 home runs before hitting his first slam. He joins Jeff Bagwell, Sammy Sosa, Bob Gibson, Eric Karros, and Bob Horner.

He’s also the first Pirates player since 1950 (Ralph Kiner) to have four runs and eight RBI in the same game. Even if you take the four runs out, the last Pirate to even have eight RBI was Jason Bay back in 2004. Not too shabby!