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Yankees are now staging fake dugout press conferences after home runs

This team is having a lot of fun.


Thumbs down is so last week.

The Yankees’ new team celebration is tons of fun, and hopefully the stress of the postseason doesn’t end this tradition before we can wring every last drop of entertainment out of it.

The newest fad in New York’s ranks is holding faux press conferences in the dugout after home runs, complete with “cameras” and “cameramen.”

On Wednesday, the trend was in full effect as Didi Gregorius, Starlin Castro and Ronald Torreyes all interviewed Aaron Hicks after a sixth-inning shot. Torreyes was the cameraman in this situation and his commitment to the bit might be the best part.

No, wait. It’s definitely the best part of this. The way he carries his “camera” while backing through the throngs of “press”? He looks like a natural in that environment.

Gregorius even sent a fed-up hand wave Hicks’ way as if he wasn’t answering questions to the group’s satisfaction. That’s a natural media gesture. he would fit right in sitting in the press box with the other scribes.

Hopefully this continues to grow in prop usage and commitment and eventually the whole dugout is in on it. It’s too entertaining to end things after only a few of these bits.