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This Nick Williams slide has to be seen to be believed

The Phillies’ outfielder needed some magic to be safe here.

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Phillies Nick Williams, who truly must be a magician or something, successfully stole his first career base on Monday against the Mets. The Phillies were down 10-1 at one point and lost 11-7, so at least there was one really cool thing to come out of this game for them.

Williams, who is only 23 years old, has been making an impression for Philadelphia in his first year in the league. With this slide he’ll hopefully make an impression on a few more.

@NickWilliams EARNED his first career steal.

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Even though there is clear video of him doing it, there’s no real way to describe how he managed to pull this off without resorting to hyperbole.

It’s like this was movie magic where a baseball film needs a cool shot of a heroic slide, so they have the actor slide on a sheet of water for a bunch of takes and then transpose that footage over a baseball game for the big screen.

The way his entire torso slides on the dirt like it’s slick glass instead of a surface with a lot of friction is addicting to watch.

Just try to tear your eyes away from this gif.


As far as first career slides go, this is a good one to kick things off with. But we’re also holding future slides of his to this same standard, so he better follow through on this promise of trippy sliding.