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Avisail Garcia griped about Trevor Bauer’s pitching, so Bauer decided to “remind him of the rules of the game”

A good old fashioned chirpfest right here.

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Listen, it’s a holiday. There’s baseball happening but you might not be paying the closest attention if you are focusing on other things like barbecuing, savoring the last minutes of the long weekend in your backyard, or you’re stuck in interminable traffic back from your weekend destination.

If any of those things are the case, or if you just decided to spend a day not paying attention to baseball (which, why would you do that?), then you missed a quality chirpfest between the White SoxAvisail Garcia and the IndiansTrevor Bauer.

As these things usually start, this one began on the diamond thanks to some disagreements over pitching preferences. Garcia, who has said this to pitchers before, thought that Bauer was being unfair with his pitch choices.

So Bauer told him to get back in the batter’s box and get ready to try to get a hit off of him again. Garcia struck out, after which Bauer told him to go sit down.

That exchange alone would have been entertaining, but then after the game Bauer laid out exactly what happened, and knowing the specific details really does make it worth it.

While Bauer has the better point in this brief tiff, Garcia was right by just sitting down when he struck out. Take the L and live to gripe about pitches another day, when hopefully he’ll be able to actually hit one of them.

Bauer gives him credit for just sitting down, which is good because the best instances of back-and-forth chirping between players is rooted in some level of respect as well. Otherwise it would just be straight up fighting.