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Red Sox, Yankees, and MLB brass react to Boston cheating

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The Red Sox are laughing this off, the Yankees not so much.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

Today, the news broke that the Red Sox cheated by stealing signs from the Yankees and that MLB independently confirmed those allegations. After which the Red Sox pretty much just said “yup, we did all of that, yeah” and then filed a complaint against the Yankees alleging that they were cheating.

Basically, it’s all incredibly entertaining so far, and it’s bound to only become increasingly petty and hilarious from here. Because that’s what this rivalry does best.

Once the initial smoke from The New York Times report cleared, each team started reacting to the allegations that the other had lobbed their way.

On the Red Sox side of things

Sox GM Dave Dombrowski is laughing this whole mess off, and claiming that in his entire career he has only seen situations like this handled from one GM to another.

In addition to the “I’m not mad, I’m laughing” shtick that Dombrowski is apparently opting for here, he also made time to throw some extra allegations the Yankees’ way. Specifically, saying that the Yankees probably leaked the story and intentionally did so on Tuesday because MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is in Boston at Fenway Park right now.

On the Yankees side of things

Brett Gardner, noted Fun Police badge holder, said of the controversy, "It's always been a game within a game, but the use of electronics takes it too far” according to MLB’s Yankees reporter Bryan Hoch.

Manager Joe Girardi, never afraid to speak his mind when the situation calls for it, did so before the Yankees game against the Orioles on Tuesday.

Girardi acknowledges that “it’s the competitive world we live in that every team is trying to get an advantage” and considers the pros and cons of having electronics a more fully integrated part of baseball.

Although those comments were mostly diplomatic about the situation, Girardi also insisted that in no way were the Yankees cheating as well.

According to ESPN senior writer Andrew Marchand, Boston’s sign stealing is also why Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez makes so many trips to the mound during games now.

On the MLB side of things

Despite the accusations being sent fast and furiously back and forth between the two teams, Manfred has made it clear that no wins will be taken away from the Red Sox for this instance of rule breaking.

He did admit, however, that there are two investigations still ongoing and that it will all be sorted out eventually. Basically, Manfred’s response is commissioner speak for “Rivalries will be rivalries!”

This is probably not the final word from either of these teams or the Commissioner’s Office, but at least everyone can agree that this is a far better scandal -- and a more entertaining fallout -- than the lame “mad about bunting” thing. Anything is better than that.