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Will Middlebrooks is the first to ever hit a pinch-hit triple in both games of a doubleheader

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Middlebrooks is making a mark shortly after being called up.

Texas Rangers v Atlanta Braves - Game One Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Will Middlebrooks, only called up from the Rangers’ AAA Round Rock Express at the beginning of the month, has made his mark in the major leagues already.

With Adrian Beltre out with an injury for what could be the rest of the season, Middlebrooks was offered the opportunity to shine a bit more than was otherwise likely and he took advantage in Wednesday’s doubleheader.

In both games, the first of which the Rangers won 12-8, MIddlebrooks came in to pinch hit and hit a triple. In the second, he came in to pinch-hit again and ... hit a triple.

That makes him the first person in the history of baseball to do that, ever. In all of MLB’s records not one person has accomplished that feat.

That probably has a lot to do with the fact that the pool of people that could have even done this is slim, considering 1. a doubleheader has to happen, and 2. they have to pinch hit in both to even have a chance.

Which means, unless his career magically turns around, Will Middlebrooks will have a random but interesting record as the most unique part of his career.