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A Padres fan caught a foul ball while balancing barbecue in the other hand

That’s skill.

Catching a foul ball is something that you don’t get the chance to do very often, and actually catching one once given the chance is even more rare and a great life story. You can tell your friends how the ball was flying at your and you barehanded it out of the air like the badass you are. It’s an awesome life event.

You know what else is awesome? Delicious barbecue that you get at the ballpark and really want to keep eating after a ball comes flying at you.

This Padres fan didn’t have to decide between those two awesome things, as he caught a baseball during Thursday night’s game with what seemed like no effort while he also balanced his food.

You usually see videos or gifs like this with a beer or a hotdog. Those things are easier to do. You can tell where the weight distribution of a beer is in your hand at any given time, it’s centered. A hot dog is very graspable.

But a take out box with barbecue or whatever loose food is in there sliding every which way? A degree of difficulty usually not seen.

So props to this guy for pulling it off without dumping all of his food on the ground or on his friend’s shirt. An all-around win here.