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Lorenzo Cain has ‘several’ 4-year offers

Thursday’s Say Hey, Baseball looks at Lorenzo Cain’s free agency and the 2018 Hall of Fame election.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Free agent outfielder Lorenzo Cain is reportedly narrowing down contract offers, according to FanRag’s Jon Heyman, and has “several” four-year deals to consider. As Heyman notes, this doesn’t mean Cain is close to making a decision — he’s just closer than he was.

What’s also unclear is how much any of these offers are worth: Yu Darvish and J.D. Martinez, two other top free agents, are also known to be sitting on multiple offers, but they haven’t signed yet, and from what has been reported it’s due to the money offered.

And, as MLB Trade Rumors points out, it’s no longer obvious just who has given Cain a contract offer in the first place. The Giants have made other moves, the Blue Jays’ outfield seems crowded now, while the Rangers are pouring cold water on this and other rumors. The Brewers, however, are still a possibility, and were the franchise that originally drafted Cain before trading him to the Royals before the 2011 season.

The Brewers are also looking into trading for Marlins’ outfielder Christian Yelich, so at least they are clearly going for another outfielder. That doesn’t mean they’re the favorite, of course: They’re just the team that makes the most sense among those that have been linked to Cain this offseason.

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