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The Brewers are still ‘in the mix’ for Yu Darvish

Wednesday’s Say Hey, Baseball looks at Yu Darvish and the still-adding Brewers.

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

The rumor was Yu Darvish was waiting on the Dodgers to bring him back into their rotation, but now there is another rumor contending that, courtesy of Robert Murray and Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports. The Brewers are reportedly still “very much in the mix” for the free-agent starter.

Darvish might very well want to return to Los Angeles, and why wouldn’t he? They were in the World Series just last year, and the core of that team remains in place. The Dodgers, though, seem more interested in shedding money than adding any, as they attempt to get and stay under the luxury tax threshold in order to reduce their penalties, as well as to make sure there is room in the payroll a year from now for the likes of mega free agent Bryce Harper.

If that’s the case, Darvish is going to need to pitch somewhere, and that’s where a team like the Brewers comes in. Milwaukee might not have the payroll of the Dodgers, but that also means they have room to add: they’ve already done so by signing Lorenzo Cain and trading for Christian Yelich. Milwaukee also just missed on the postseason in 2017, finishing one game back of the Rockies for the second wild card and six games back of the Cubs in the NL Central. Yelich, Cain, and Darvish should more than make up that gap, especially with the Cubs mostly working in their margins this winter.

The Brewers aren’t alone in their quest for Darvish, of course. The Cubs are another potential destination, and acquiring Darvish would certainly make it easier to forget that there’s been almost no movement on the Jake Arrieta front for Chicago. The Rangers, Darvish’s first team in the majors, loom large as well, though, it’s still unclear if Texas even has real interest in Darvish or is just waiting to see if they’re the last team left standing in negotiations. The Twins have made Darvish their primary target this offseason, but we’re two weeks out from spring training and they haven’t made a serious offer yet, at least not one that’s been reported.

Everyone involved in the Darvish negotiations seems to be playing a waiting game, which suggests that the right deal isn’t out there. The Dodgers might not want to spend for Darvish, not with Harper a free agent next offseason and Clayton Kershaw able to opt-out after this year. The Twins, Brewers, Cubs, and Rangers don’t seem to be trying particularly hard for Darvish, given he’s still a free agent and it’s nearly February.

Is Darvish a free agent who is willing to hold out until midseason when the right deal could arrive? Maybe! Unless it’s J.D. Martinez, who also hasn’t seen his market move at all despite being the best free agent of his kind. Or it could be Jake Arrieta, who you hear about even less often than Darvish and Martinez.

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