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The Twins want Yu Darvish but still haven’t met with him

Thursday’s Say Hey, Baseball doesn’t know what the Twins are doing.

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Twins are supposedly high on free agent Yu Darvish, but it’s Jan. 4 and they still haven’t met with him in a face-to-face setting yet. Darren Wolfson of ESPN Radio says that the two sides still haven’t had their schedules match up, which feels like a real stretch if you believe both sides actually want to meet. It’s not like this offseason has been particularly busy for anyone.

What we have going on here is one of three things. Maybe Darvish has no real interest in joining the Twins at all, so he’s giving them the “new phone, who dis?” treatment every time the Twins try to get in touch with him. Or, all this collusion talk — legalized or no — is legitimate, and the Twins haven’t met with their top target and one of the best free agents on the market yet because that wouldn’t be playing well with the other owners, now would it? The last option? The Twins are super incompetent.

OK, so, maybe they really haven’t had time to meet face-to-face, but I refuse to believe that’s the case. Darvish had time to meet with his former Rangers’ GM for a non-business dinner, and he’s already met with other MLB teams about his free agency, so we’re back to avoidance, collusion, or incompetence as explanations for the serious delay.

The good news for the Twins is that there still is no clear favorite for Darvish, so maybe none of this will end up mattering and they’ll land their major rotation upgrade after all. They might want to think about clearing their schedule, though, or shifting focus if for some reason Darvish always already has plans and promises that he’ll call you when he’s free for sure definitely OK byeeeee