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The true star of Dodgers-Rockies Game 163 was the empty seats tweets

Did you think people would give LA fans a pass for not showing up to a Monday afternoon game? You thought wrong.

There were standout players and moments in the Dodgers-Rockies Game 163 on Monday. That includes Walker Buehler dealing, Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy both going yard, and Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story trying to hold off the inevitable with their own home runs in the ninth. But there was a true star to the show on a hot afternoon in Los Angeles, and it had nothing to do with anyone on the field.

The best part of Game 163 was all of the tweets about how few people were at Dodger Stadium to watch Colorado and LA battle to see who was heading to the Wild Card game and who would be facing the Braves in Atlanta.

The announced attendance was a little low before you even got to the photo evidence, at only 47,816 out of a possible 56,000. And calling out Los Angeles fans for not coming to watch their team play even when it’s immensely inconvenient isn’t a new tradition. It’s a tradition for media members and opposing fans alike and always will be whether it’s sensical or not.

So on Monday it was as expected as it was satisfying.

The tweets from media were as predictable as they were legion

You can set your watch by media members tweeting pictures of the empty seats, and Game 163 was no exception. Look at all these empty seats! Look at how we’re noticing the empty seats! It never gets old.

Of course someone compared the attendance to what it would be in Colorado with no proof of why they think that besides “Dodgers fans don’t show up other fans do.”

Fans can notice empty seats too

Calling out LA fans for not showing up right on time is a tradition, but not one for media members to enjoy by themselves. Fans and viewers at home can do it too!

Just the best, most legitimate takes about a team’s ability to draw fans.


Did you know the Dodgers routinely have the top attendance numbers in the league and that the stadium only LOOKS empty because there are so many seats? Did you? DID YOU?!

It’s the most ridiculous and inconsequential cycle of mockery and defensiveness whenever the Dodgers have a big game at an inopportune time. Or a normal game at a normal time. It really doesn’t matter, but the Game 163 attendance shaming was next level on Monday and I’m not even a little surprised.