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22 reasons Charlie Blackmon is better than your favorite player

The Rockies star is ready to make an impact in the playoffs.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

For fans of eight teams (and, for a quick minute early on, ten) the postseason is the best part of the baseball calendar. The players you’ve grown attached to throughout the regular season get to shine, and maybe even some late August call ups get to be the heroes of a tight series and be forever beloved by the fan base.

It’s a chance for electric personalities, talented players, and unlikely stars truly emerge. So for every playoff team, we’re picking one of the most exciting players to watch and explaining why we love them so much. Here’s why we love Charlie Blackmon.

1. The beard.

2. His alter ego is called Chuck Nazty.

3. His alter ego is called Chuck Nazty and he’s so fun it doesn’t immediately make him seem like a huge jerk.

4. He leaned all the way in and went with nasty with a “Z.” If you’re going to call your alter ego Chuck Nazty you can’t stop at just the name with nasty spelt normally.

5. He’s the most Colorado person on the Rockies, Exhibit A.

6. He’s the most Colorado person on the Rockies, Exhibit B.

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7. He knows his beard/hair combo can be a little much so he tames it a bit in public. That’s a good, doesn’t-want-to-intimidate-the-public, dude.

8. He still drives the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee he got as a high school graduation present from his parents.

9. Look at these moves!

10. Like anyone would, he freaked out over LeBron James tweeting about him.

11. He’s not afraid to call out over the top emoji use.

12. He admits he freaked out about meeting Shaq.

13. Star Wars isn’t safe from his curiosity.

14. His workout gear is ... special.

15. HE VOTES. Regardless of choice, doing your civic duty (and posting about it!) is applauded.

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16. He even “fangirls” over Olympic athletes. I would too if I met Ashley Wagner and Adam Rippon. Uh, maybe one of them more than the other.

17. He blows off steam with video games and loves Call of Duty. Like, LOVES Call of Duty. He was into the video game craze before everyone in the league was playing Fortnite, what a trailblazer.

18. That old Jeep has more than 140,000 miles on it and sometimes Blackmon will see how far he can push the gas gauge.

19. Sometimes he pushes it too far.

20. He buys clothes from Amazon.

21. “It’s Your Love” by The Outfield is his walkup music and he hasn’t changed it since college.

22. Apparently he’s building his own muscle car. With a undetermined end date.