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Meet Carmen Kiew from McCovey Chronicles

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Carmen basically predicted Dereck Rodriguez getting called up to the majors.

Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

We have dozens of women covering pro and college sports for our team brands here at SB Nation. Meet one of those talented writers, Carmen Kiew, who writes for our San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles.

Why are you so passionate about baseball and the Giants?

My father is my main influence into baseball — while he signed me up for ballet classes, he also toted me to Candlestick Park to watch extra inning games and also had sports talk radio on. He was my personal teacher to the game. I grew up a Giants fan because of Dad and his love and passion for the sport.

What has been your favorite experience covering the Giants?

Interviewing Dereck Rodriguez when he was still in the minors and asking him what it would be like to be called up ... he was called up the next day. Getting to see him under the bright lights of the big leagues after hearing his story was really rewarding!

What are some of the unique challenges you’ve faced?

Being a woman in sports media, I don’t know if anything I’ve faced is truly unique — we are facing the struggle of being a minority in the industry, being second-guessed, and needing to be twice as professional, buttoned-up, and hard-working as anyone else. The most encouraging thing is that the women I’ve met in the industry are supportive and they help lift one another up. It’s been a really supportive community.

How did you start writing for McCovey Chronicles?

I had been reading McCovey Chronicles for years and deeply respected Grant Brisbee and his ability to use his intelligence and humor collectively to engage with readers. I reached out to him after seeing that he was taking a larger role at SB Nation to see if he needed help on the site. Thankfully he did. And here we are.

What women in the industry do you look up to?

Katie Nolan — she has such a unique voice and brand. Jessica Kleinschmidt — her work on MLB and Cut4 really taps into the fun side of baseball that I think the sport is sorely lacking. Jessica Mendoza — MLB’s first baseball analyst and someone who is a great role model to anyone aspiring to make it in baseball — her work ethic and drive really motivate me. The one thing all these ladies have in common is the ability to let their passion for the game shine through — I truly believe that is missing from baseball media. You can love and respect the game and still be a good reporter!