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Yankees fans were asked if the team should sign David Price, and it was a HARD NO

That’s gonna be a nope.

World Series - Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Five Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

David Price just won a ring with the Boston Red Sox, shedding his burdensome postseason narrative and winless-in-October distinction as emphatically as anyone could imagine, and he has the ability to opt out of his 7-year, $217 million contract this offseason if he wants to. Before the playoffs, that might have seemed more of an option than looking at it know when he has a ring an the fans on his side.

But other teams can’t be blamed for wondering what Price’s decision will be, even if it seems obvious, so the Yankees’ official TV network threw that out there for the fans to ponder on Twitter today.

The responses are ... incredible. They’re incredible. You have to scroll quite a way to find a reply that is even close to being positive. NOPE’s all the way down.

Reactions like this are one of the best things about this rivalry flourishing again, because it’s not just that Price is making a ton of money or that he could revert to his struggling ways if the Yankees signed him, it’s that he’s on the Red Sox and won a ring with them. He’s tainted, and even an MVP-worthy World Series performance doesn’t change that.

Just look at these.

Go ahead and spend some time scrolling through them yourself. They’re downright nourishing to the soul.