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The best MLB Halloween costumes from players and celebrities

Didi, Pence, and more got dressed up for Halloween.

It’s Halloween, and while you’re thinking of the best way to dress up as your favorite baseball player or team mascot athletes are doing the same thing. Or, for baseball players themselves, dressing up as something other than what they do for their day job.

Here are the best baseball-themed Halloween costumes from professional athletes this year. And one celebrity costume that topped them all.

Aaron Gordon as Aaron Judge

This one makes a lot of sense because, like Pete Davidson and Christian Yelich, these two famous people look a whole lot alike. Might as well lean into the comparisons.

Hunter and Lexi Pence as Harry and Meghan

This is definitely one of the most well-executed costumes of the batch. The Pences not only nailed the Harry and Meghan look, they took the time to recreate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official wedding photos. If you’re going to go for it, you really have to go for it.

Lexi posted a behind the scenes video of how they made it happen, which is very cool and appreciated.

Didi Gregorius as Black Panther

Didi won’t be in the Yankees’ starting lineup on Opening Day thanks to Tommy John surgery, but he’s not about to spend the offseason completely out of the public eye. This is a great Black Panther costume — but where’s his Erik Killmonger?

He even edited some videos to take the costume to the next level.

Harry Styles as Elton John in his Dodgers uniform

In 1975, Elton John played two shows at Dodger Stadium. As part of that performance, he donned a diamond-encrusted, sparkly Dodgers uniform outfit that reportedly cost $2,000 or more and has since become one of his most iconic looks.

For Halloween, Harry Styles recreated the look and pulled it off flawlessly for the Casamigos Halloween party. As if he wouldn’t go all out.

Harry’s stylist put some comparison photos on Instagram as well, proving just how well Harry can do Elton’s whole vibe. Not just the clothes.

The Dodgers might have lost the World Series, but this is an okay consolation prize all things considered. He looks so good!


Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright is the Mad Hatter with his family full of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ characters.

Indians pitcher Adam Plutko dressed up his kid as Mario, while also challenging teammate Jose Ramirez to Mario Kart in the process!

Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo dressed as a bee.