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The Rocky Mountain Vibes have a cool team name with a cooler logo, dude

We’re always down for s’more fun minor league logos.

The Brewers’ Pioneer League affiliate in Colorado, formerly the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, rebranded as the Rocky Mountain Vibes on Monday. This continues the trend of amazing new minor league team names and logos being revealed this offseason. Vibes wasn’t one of the finalists of the team’s renaming competition — those would be the Happy Campers, Lamb Chops, Punchy Pikas, Throttle Jockeys and the Rocky Mountain Oysters — but it’s better than all of them.

As part of the rebranding, the team released a video announcing the new name and look. You can watch the whole thing here.

That video is nice and all but there’s one part of the rebranding that stands out the most. The logo is exactly what you might expect for a team named the Vibes but not every team would commit so fully to the concept. That should be admired.

The primary logo is super chill, dude. It looks like a super laid back Colorado marshmallow who’s looking for some friends to go hiking with and maybe check out that new brewery or something later. Not sure that the peace sign was necessary but once you decide on a Guy Fieri-looking guy as your mascot there’s really no limit to what you can do.

The secondary logo, however, raises some questions. On first glance, it’s simply the first step of the s’mores process which makes a “C” for Colorado. A marshmallow toasting on a stick. But when you try to connect it to the other logo, things get uncomfortable.

If the primary logo is supposed to come before the secondary logo, does that mean that little marshmallow ends up on the stick? Is this his fate if he doesn’t run fast enough from whoever set his hair on fire? Or is this his origin story? Born in the flames, of one with the very thing that can destroy him in the wrong hands.

The other two logo options are similarly great though. The “Vibes” scripted in flames is the bro-iest of the batch but remains cool and in line with the vision the team is following here. Again, if you’re going to name a team the Vibes you should just commit to it.

The final logo I am partial to mostly because it perfectly incorporates the logo of the defunct Colorado Rockies NHL team (who moved to New Jersey and became the Devils), which is an all time classic. Clean, traditional, a great color palette, and it still looks good on merchandise.

Out of all of them, that might be the actual smartest choice. Not just the coolest. Who doesn’t want a classic Colorado team’s logo available on team clothing again? But this time, it’s on fire. Well done, Vibes.