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The Blue Jays will retire number 32 on Opening Day in honor of Roy Halladay

They will also wear jersey patches with his number throughout the season.

Tigers v Blue Jays Photo by Jim Ross/Getty Images

The Blue Jays will honor Roy Halladay by retiring his number on Opening Day of the season, the team announced Monday. Players will also wear patches with the number 32 on them throughout the season in his memory.

Halladay died in a single plane crash in November at just 40 years old, and is greatly missed. Although he ended his career with the Phillies, he spent more than a decade in Toronto, pitching in 416 games with the team. He went to the MLB All-Star Game as a Blue Jay six times and won the AL Cy Young award in 2003 while with the team.

Blue Jays president and CEO Mark Shapiro said of Halladay,

“Through Roy’s values, pride, work ethic, and perseverance, he epitomized what it means to be a Blue Jay. And while his legacy is clear, it goes far beyond the number on his back or his on-field accomplishments, serving as a shining example of how to live a meaningful life and positively impact others.”

Halladay will be the second player to have his number retired in Toronto, after Roberto Alomar, whose number was retired in 2011.