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Rob Manfred now says there will be pace of play changes no matter what in 2018

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This is all getting way too convoluted.

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Houston Astros - Game Four Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Just to catch everyone up, here is how convoluted things have become in baseball’s path to the pitch clock:

So it looked like there were going to be no immediate changes. Time for the league and the MLBPA to continue to discuss things and hammer out details without the start of the 2018 season pressuring them to make decisions right away.

Well ... apparently that’s not happening now, either. At MLB Media Day, where Rob Manfred held court at the Trop for assembled media, the latest decision is that there will be pace of play changes happening in 2018. With or without the approval of the MLBPA.

So at least that’s clear. Finally.

But wait. Does this completely circumvent the one-year implementation delay? Unclear. Does this include a pitch clock or will it only focus on mound visits, etc.? Unclear. Are the two sides now working off an abbreviated proposal that only covers certain details? Unclear. Has the MLBPA given Manfred permission to implement things this year if they aren’t able to come to an agreement, which then answers the first question on this list? Say it with me now: uncleaaaar.

What Manfred did make clear is that the changes would be announced before Spring Training games start. Which is next week. So everyone just hang out and wait for when that announcement comes. Since apparently baseball games are about to change, and we don’t really know how. Awesome.