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Everything I Googled during 13 innings of endless Tigers-Pirates baseball

13 innings of baseball that I definitely watched with maximum interest.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Friday’s Tigers/Pirates game started out innocently enough, a normal Opening Day game for both teams. Then the eighth and ninth innings rolled around and things got out of hand, with a four-run comeback that eventually led to a wild would-be-walkoff for the Tigers during which Ron Gardenhire got ejected because he fought with the umpire who was actually on his side. It was great.

Nothing against either team, because this is half of what makes baseball special in both a good and bad way, but the baseball sandwiching those manic innings was ... fine. It was fine! It was baseball. But boy there was a lot of it. If you were bored, good news there was an endless game happening. If you were not bored, you probably still get sucked into the extra innings vortex of this game because it’s Friday and it was on. Feels like summer!

With the exception of the few minutes when I switched over to the Nationals - Reds game to see Max Scherzer do his thing, only to realize the Tigers had made a comeback in the bottom of the ninth to force extras, I watched this game all the way through.

But watching that game all the way through was tough without some sort of distraction (yes, I know I just described any baseball game ever) so here is everything I googled while the Tigers and Pirates tried to make us sick of baseball two days into the season.

  • How old was Cameron Diaz when she filmed The Mask?
  • Is The Mask streaming?
  • Sandals
  • Summer sandal sales
  • ASOS sales
  • Pedicures in [place I will be this weekend]
  • How old is Ron Gardenhire?
  • How many times has Ron Gardenhire been ejected?
  • Gardenhire clubhouse habits
  • Francisco Cervelli trade
  • Cervelli/Jeter gift?
  • MLB replay camera angle
  • Longest baseball replay ever
  • MLB mound visits extra innings
  • How to fix a broken nightstand
  • Nightstands
  • Two-drawer nightstands
  • [Neighborhood] library card renewal
  • Cheap lamps
  • [My library] book renewals
  • [State] train schedule
  • [Neighborhood] fire
  • Chametz burning
  • Pacific Rim GIFs
  • Scott and Clint Eastwood still mad?
  • John Boyega GIFs
  • John Boyega Oscar Isaac GIFs
  • Pet Kaiju???
  • Gregory Polanco’s workout

Happy second day of baseball season y’all. We ... made it?