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Here’s a picture of Adrian Beltre (baseball player) with Adrian Beltre (giraffe)

This picture is a gift.

It’s Friday, you might have had a long week, and maybe even the excitement of Opening Day wasn’t enough to fully propel you to the weekend. If so, I’m very sorry you had a rough and stressful week.

But there’s good news! Your reward for making it to the weekend is an amazing picture of two Adrian Beltres. No, no one cloned Adrian Beltre. (Although ... **jots idea down in notebook title “Future Wishes”**) But Adrian Beltre does have a giraffe named after him and they finally met.

In the grand scheme of things, this is just a cute photo and nothing more. But it’s an addition to the amazing and wide-ranging history of Adrian Beltre which is only getting better and better. Beltre took a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo to meet his name twin, who was born last June and was a gift from the zoo to the Rangers star in honor of reaching 3,000 hits.

Baseball returning and this introduction happening in the same week? We’re too spoiled. More zoos should give Beltre giant animals for him to pose with. This should be a weekly event. Who says no?