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Ichiro robs a home run and continues to rob Father Time

Ichiro is back with the Seattle Mariners, and even at 44 years old the future Hall of Famer still manages to creep into the highlights now and then. On Saturday afternoon in Seattle, he was back at it again.

Jose Ramirez thought he had a home run in the third inning but Ichiro, getting the start in left field on Saturday, had other plans, reaching up just over the left field wall to rob Ramirez.

The Cleveland Indians bullpen did not get the souvenir they thought they were getting.

Ichiro is the oldest player in the majors at 44, in his 18th season in the majors and his 27th year playing professional baseball. He’s done just about everything in the game, both at the plate and in the field.

This wasn’t quite “something out of Star Wars” as legendary former Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus once said of an astounding Ichiro throw from right field, but it was still cool nonetheless to see the old guy still out there making plays and highlights again.

I hope Ichiro plays as long as he wants.