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The Yankees outfielders are dropping like flies

Sunday morning’s Say Hey, Baseball includes yet another injury in the Yankees outfield, Kevil Pillar running absolutely wild in the eighth inning, and the Rays bullpen experimenting getting off on the wrong foot.

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees were perhaps the most hyped team heading into the regular season, at least relative to their 2017 regular season performance. That’s not to say it wasn’t without merit -- they are, like, super good -- but it’s just a statement of fact. Through three games, they’ve largely lived up to the hype. Opening Day in particular was impressive, with newest Yankee Giancarlo Stanton going yard twice. That said, things haven’t exactly been perfect for the team in the Bronx in the very early going of the 2018 season. In particular, they are starting to get hit hard by the injury bug.

Specifically, their outfield is just becoming decimated. To be fair, the two massive outfielders they boast in the middle of their lineup -- Stanton and Aaron Judge, of course -- are healthy and remain in the middle of that lineup. Beyond them, though, seemingly no one is safe. Jacoby Ellsbury started on the disabled list, but no one was worried about that. It was a little more annoying that he wasn’t around when everyone else started going down. Clint Frazier is dealing with concussion issues. Aaron Hicks apparently hurt his oblique during the first game of the year. Now, on Saturday night, young and talented outfielder Billy McKinney ran into a wall and was taken out before being placed on the disabled list shortly after the game. They are now left with the two big guys mentioned above, Brett Gardner and....that’s really it. And this doesn’t even mention the big injury to first baseman Greg Bird or the fact that reliever Adam Warren had to leave Saturday’s game as well.

As a result of the latest injury, the Yankees are calling upon one of their top prospects earlier than they had planned. Gleyber Torres will stay in the minors for a bit, but Miguel Andujar is coming to New York. The third base prospect has some exciting pop and had an impressive spring, but was blocked by some late depth additions. He won’t help the outfield, but there is apparently going to be time for him at both corner infield spots as well as DH, so he should help a lineup that really doesn’t need much help even with all of the injuries. Still, their outfield is dropping like flies and it might be time to wrap Judge and Stanton in bubblewrap prior to every game.

  • Kevin Pillar had quite the eighth inning, stealing second. Then stealing third. THEN STEALING HOME. Poor Dellin Betances.
  • Ichiro is approximately 74 years old and just kicking off his 57th year in the league, but despite his age and declining overall skillset he reminded us on Saturday than he can still go up and get it when he needs to.