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The Marlins are somehow shadier than you thought

Wednesday’s Say Hey, Baseball tries to wrap its head around the Marlins.

Miami Marlins Press Conference Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Marlins are a mess. We’ve been saying that for months, even though new ownership was supposed to be an opportunity for things to, you know, not be a mess, maybe. This week, though, saw the Marlins get even messier, by means of arguing their corporate citizenship.

You see, the Marlins are being sued by the county they play in, thanks to the sale of the Marlins that had former owner Jeffrey Loria claimed a loss of $140 million despite a sale of $1.2 billion — claiming this loss allowed Loria to avoid paying his part in contractually negotiated profit-sharing, an agreement that helped Loria build the new taxpayer-funded ballpark that brought the value of the Marlins to healthily over $1 billion in the first place.

New ownership’s response to this lawsuit is to claim that local courts can’t handle this case, because the Marlins are actually a corporation residing in the British Virgin Islands ... because one member of ownership claims residence there. Therefore, this is an international case, to be handled internationally, for the very international Marlins will only receive a fair trial that way. Internationally, that is.

Let’s recap: the Miami Marlins, who are being sued by Miami-Dade County, for an agreement reached between the former owner and Miami-Dade County that helped finance a ballpark located in Miami for the team that plays its games in Miami, actually do their business from the British Virgin Islands. Someone call Rob Manfred, the game has already expanded to a third country!

And you thought Jeffrey Loria’s history of lawsuits while owner were something.

This is all ridiculous. If the Marlins are allowed to get away with this, it’s even more ridiculous. Will they get away with it? Well, the world is an unfair place that enriches people like Jeffrey Loria and new principal owner Bruce Sherman at the expense of everyone who comes into contact with them, so, stayed tuned!