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Francisco Lindor’s home run made Hiram Bithron Stadium absolutely erupt

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This moment seemed practically preordained.

Sometimes moments in sports are so amazing that it feels like you couldn’t possibly have predicted them. But sometimes, the best moments are ones that couldn’t have gone any other way and elicit even more emotions because of that preordained feeling.

That was what Francisco Lindor’s home run against the Twins on Tuesday night felt like. Born in Caguas, a town south of San Juan, Puerto Rico, he almost sent one out of the park in the first inning, which would have been a wild moment. Instead, he waited until the fifth inning to blast one over the fence.

Once it left the park to put the Indians up 2-0 over the Twins, it sounded like every single person in Hiram Bithorn Stadium absolutely erupted in joy.

You could practically feel Lindor’s excitement rippling off of him as he rounded the bases and crossed the plate, high-fiving teammates and absolutely BEAMING. He came out for a curtain call, one that was never not going to happen based on the crowd’s endless cheering.

Even his mom admitted after it happened that because of his excitement to be there and the atmosphere, she wasn’t surprised that he hit a home run in one of the most emotionally charged moments of his career.

Cleveland didn’t slow down after that, with Jose Ramirez and Michael Brantley hitting back-to-back homers to nearly the exact same location in the very next inning. But it was Lindor who started everything off and got the most ardent reaction from every single fan in the seats — no matter which team they were supporting.

It’s hard not to get a little emotional watching it over again. A perfect moment, even if you could practically feel it coming while watching the game. It couldn’t have gone any other way.