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Astros players tried toasted grasshoppers while visiting the Mariners


The Mariners have a specialty concession food that sells out nearly every game, introduced last year as part of an effort to highlight more local foods. Originally sold by Paquito’s in Seattle, toasted grasshoppers in a chili-lime salt is one of the favorite foods that you can buy at Safeco Field.

The Astros are currently on a road trip in Seattle and Houston pitcher Collin McHugh decided that he was going to buy a cup of them and walk around the clubhouse getting his teammates to try them. While filming it, because otherwise what’s the fun in watching your teammates eating insects?

In the first video he thought they were crickets, but as he put it that’s basically the same thing so we’ll let him off the hook.

The reactions were varied, with some players being all for it and others being skeptical but fine with eating the crispy bugs. Lance McCullers was definitely not fully on board, and he walked away from the camera after tentatively trying one.

They look delicious, and the sound effects of players crunching away really makes the video. Doesn’t it make you want to go to Safeco and try them yourself after this?