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The fan who caught Ronald Acuña’s first home run had one of the best reactions we’ve ever seen

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He could have run all the way to Atlanta with that much energy.

Atlanta Braves v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Ronald Acuña Jr. has been in the majors for all of two days and he’s already living up to the hype. Everyone across the league was waiting for him to get called up and make his mark, but it’s possibly not even Braves fans were counting on the impact he’s already having this soon.

He proved his power with a long fly out (hit at more than 100 mph) in his first game and followed that up with a near-cycle in his second game on Thursday. The only thing he was missing was a triple, and in the second inning he jacked his first home run that a lucky fan caught.

That fan had one of the best reactions in the history of fans catching foul balls. It’s so awesome, mostly because it goes on and on and on but in the best way. Try to watch it without a smile spreading across your face.

You can see the beginnings of the reaction in the above video, where he is joyfully running with the ball while also putting on his backpack at the same time. That’s skill.

The full celebration is even better though. He runs along the concourse with the cameras tracking him like he’s in The Amazing Race. As Fox Sports reports in this clip, he drove all the way from Atlanta to Cincinnati to watch Acuña play so if anyone deserved to catch the ball it was him.

Acuña is definitely getting that ball back to put in his trophy room, if he doesn’t have it in hand already, so hopefully the Braves do right by this super fan in exchange for getting the ball back.