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A Giants fan completely whiffed catching a foul ball and a beer paid the price

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He didn’t even get the ball in the aftermath.

A Giants fan attempted to catch a foul ball during Wednesday’s game and completely whiffed on the chance to snag it. Because of his spacial misjudgment, a beer belonging to the fan next to him paid the tragic price and exploded into a frothy mess.

It’s the first major “hey look at this fan flub a foul ball opportunity” of the season, which means now baseball is really back. It won’t be the last, but it’s good that the first instance of this in 2018 was a memorable one.

Let’s break it down.

Primarily, let’s give the guy a pass for bringing a glove to a game as a fully grown man. It appears he is with his family, and his kid also is wearing a glove, so it’s sweet. Not a Zach Hample situation. However, he’s definitely not getting a pass for missing the catch when he went far enough to wear a glove to the game. You commit to the glove, you better not miss the ball when it comes your way.

The ball, after he doesn’t catch it, then nails the beer square on. It’s also not his beer, and the girl next to him does the correct thing when a rogue baseball is coming at you — cowers in fear and protects her face. She does not protect the beer, so the beer is sacrificed to the baseball gods.

The immediate aftermath is notable not just for the extremely high level of disappointment in his body language, but the impressive hair flip happening to the right of the beer massacre. Great hair flip from that girl, she might want to call Garnier Fructis up in the next few days and show them this GIF.

In the scuffle, amidst the hair flip and the beer spray, the group of girls ended up getting the ball. A fair trade off for losing a mostly full $11 beer, but it really adds insult to injury for that guy. He couldn’t even get the ball as it richocheted around. That’s what your daughter is for, buddy! She’s tiny and can dart around to pick up the ball before someone else gets it! (If that is his daughter, of course.)

A photo after things died down again really says it all, because you can see how he’s feeling written all over his face. There’s extremely high levels of regret, disappointment in himself, and “this is definitely going to be replayed multiple times on TV isn’t it” present in this one shot.

Better luck next time, random fan. Keep bringing that glove with you if you want, but maybe work on the hand-eye coordination a little more before your next game.