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Doug Pederson threw out the first pitch for the Phillies in a Roy Halladay jersey

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Right down the middle, too.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson threw out the first pitch for the Phillies’ home opener Thursday, and it about as good a first pitch as you could expect from someone who is not a professional baseball player. Right down the middle, a perfect strike.

As impressive as that was though, it wasn’t the best part of the moment by a long shot. Pederson donned a Roy Halladay jersey for the occasion, honoring the beloved pitcher who died suddenly, and far too soon, last fall.

At first he looked to only be wearing a normal Phillies jersey as he rode in with the Lombardi trophy to celebrate the Eagles’ recent Super Bowl win.

But once he took his jacket off you’d be forgiven if you started reacting to the dust that had suddenly appeared in your general vicinity. It was a sweet moment, and the great pitch only cemented his honoring of the dearly missed pitcher.

The Phillies also held a moment of silence for Halladay and showed a tribute video of his career before getting things underway against the Marlins.

Then people booed Gabe Kaplar, which was probably not planned as part of their home opener festivities. You can’t have everything perfectly, I guess. Although “Phillies fans boo manager a week into the season” might be perfect in a very Phillies’ way, so it fits.