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Stephen Piscotty ended up in the Fenway stands after an outstanding catch

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He just wanted to watch the game with everyone else.

Stephen Piscotty had a heartwarming night at the park on Tuesday night thanks to an emotional home run, and on Wednesday he made headlines again. This time it was for making one of the best catches of the season.

Piscotty snagged a foul ball off the bat of Mookie Betts and he fully committed to the play to do it. He slowed as he was approaching the stands to spot the ball, then tumbled into the stands to make the catch.

Even though he popped up with the ball right afterwards and it was pretty clear he had it during his entire trip through the stands, the umpires decided they needed to review the play to make sure. Fans on both sides could have told them it was a catch the whole time though. Just take a look.

Piscotty probably just saw the one A’s fan in the entire park sitting there and wanted to keep him some company and then added tumbling from the field to the seats for maximum drama.

The last frame of him standing up is an incredible kicker as well. His face screams “YES, I MADE THAT! YOU BET I DID!” while he is still casually standing in the middle of the right field line seats. A routine Wednesday night in the outfield for Piscotty. He made it look easy.