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The Astros saying Aaron Judge looks like Sid from ‘Toy Story’ is funny because it’s true

The spitting image.

The Astros did a bit on Thursday where their mascot Orbit was the judge and the audience a jury in a “trial” against a few Yankees players. A sign was unveiled accusing a Yankees player of something, and the crowd cheered for “guilty” or “not guilty.”

The first few Yankees put on trial were accused of pretty good things. Brett Gardner for being too happy. Didi Gregorius for having nice eyelashes. Giancarlo Stanton for being too handsome. All fun and games and it’s not like anyone can take those things badly unless they’re found not guilty. Which is then, in turn, hilarious. It all works out.

But when Orbit got to Aaron Judge ... the accusation wasn’t so flattering. The Astros found him guilty for looking like Sid from Toy Story. Which is hilarious because it is SO TRUE.

I mean, just look at this if you can’t exactly picture it yourself.

Sorry, Judge. We’re with Orbit and the rest of the Astros faithful on this one.