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Brian Dozier has a graduate degree in getting baseballs stuck in outfield walls

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This is the second time he’s done it in three seasons.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

What are the chances? No, seriously, someone smarter than me who likes math more than I do please figure out the chances of a batter lodging a baseball in outfield wall padding twice in less than three seasons.

Brian Dozier did just that, the second time coming on Wednesday afternoon against the Tigers when he got robbed of what would have at least been a triple, if not a home run, thanks to the outfield padding at Target Field.

It was ruled a double, and he’d end up scoring later on anyway. Leonys Martin’s reaction and attempts to get people’s attention about the ball getting stuck is the best part of the sequence.

The last time this happened with Dozier was at Nationals Park back in 2016, and a little more feasible since it was in a looser part of the padding at the bottom of the barrier.

But still! Twice in one career is a funny coincidence. This close together it’s almost impressive.