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A baseball tournament game in Connecticut was decided with rock-paper-scissors

The result might not count, but it should.

Well, this is one way to decide an elimination game when the weather won’t cooperate.

Two high school baseball teams in Connecticut — North Haven and Amity — decided the outcome of a tournament game that was delayed multiple times due to rain with a game of rock-paper-scissors. North Haven ended up winning after 11 rounds. Eleven tight rounds.

GameTimeCT details the battle — which involved as much strategy as any lineup chicanery in the late innings of an important game. Hilariously, both teams sent out their starting pitchers for the opening round and used their closers late.

The final “scoreline” looked like this, with the bold choice to go for scissor at the end sealing it for North Haven. Amity going with paper was also risky in a tight spot and in this situation it didn’t pan out for them.

1st: Amity 1-0 (Rock over Scissor); 2nd: Push Amity 1-0 (Paper Paper); 3rd: North Haven 1-1 (Rock over Scissor); 4th: North Haven 2-1 (Rock over Scissor); 5th: Amity 2-2 (Rock over Scissor); 6th: Push (Paper, Paper); 7th: Amity 3-2 (Paper over Rock); 8th: North Haven 3-3 (Rock over Scissor); 9th: North Haven 4-3 (Rock over Scissor); 10th: Amity 4-4 (Rock over Scissor); 11th: North 5-4 (Scissor cuts Paper)

You can see full clip of the showdown in GameTimeCT’s video embedded here, where both sides get heavily invested in the outcome.

The result probably won’t stand — it’s up to the commissioner of the Southern Connecticut Conference to decide — but if it does, it would also count as North Haven coach Bob DeMayo’s 900th career victory. At a sports complex named after him, nonetheless. Now that’s how you get added to the history books.